What’s at Stake

Over 75% of Kentucky’s 7,654 eating and drinking locations are in danger of closing permanently without your help and support2!

  • Restaurants and drinking establishments account for 8.5% of all employment in Kentucky4.
  • Food services are projected to contribute 10,597 new jobs in Kentucky from 2016 to 20265.
  • 76% of all Kentucky eateries are independently owned8.
  • Independent restaurants rely far less on pickup and drive-thru service9. Fine and casual dining have declined 85% and 65% respectively, while fast food has only decreased 21%10. National chains like Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Raising Cane’s, and Taco Bell have hired during this time11.
  • Nearly 65% of the revenue from local independent restaurants recirculates in the local economy compared to about 30% for chain restaurants12.
  • Keeping many of Kentucky’s 206,700 leisure and hospitality workers employed would save Kentucky $413 million in unemployment benefits and insurance taxes14.

Nationally, the Numbers aren’t Better.

  • Nationwide, over 2.4 million leisure and hospitality workers are unemployed right now, more than any other industry. Unemployment in leisure and hospitality is over 259% higher than it was at the same time last year15.
  • Food Services and drinking places reported a 19% unemployment rate in September – more than double the nation’s aggregate unemployment rate of 7.7%18.
  • An estimated 1 in 3 American restaurants will close by year end without support. An estimated 8,000 restaurants have already shuttered so far this year19.
  • Independent restaurants and bars directly employ 11 million workers nationwide. Additionally, 5 million more work in the industry’s vast supply chains and rely on eating and drinking places to sustain their livelihoods21. Without direct aid, all of these jobs are in danger of vanishing permanently.
  • The loss of economic activity due to culinary travelers is estimated to be up to $141 billion23.
  • Restaurants are hubs of minority employment and advancement. 60% of all chefs nationwide are minorities. Minorities also make up 53% of bussers, runners, baristas, prep-cooks, dishwashers, and kitchen porters. Restaurants also employ more minority employee-managers than any other industry24.
  • Over half of all restaurant workers are women, and restaurants employ over 1 million single mothers25.
  • Restaurants generate middle class jobs at a rate three times faster than the economy26.

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